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Cervical Vertebra Massager Treatment Device

Cervical Vertebra Massager Treatment Device

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If You Are Troubled By Cervical Problem Then You Have Come to The Right Place.

About Product:-

1:- The neck Massager is According to TCM Blood, Blood Meridian, Scattered Wind Pain Principle.

2:- Combined with the experience of long-term clinical practice, combined with the development of modern electronic science and technology of a new generation of cervical spine prevention and treatment of high-tech Products.

3:- It uses conforms to the cervical physiological curve of a human body ring streamlined design, using low-frequency electric pulse therapy, magnetic effect, infrared heating trinity, synchronization, multi-channel treatment to form an efficient composite energy field, arrive directly muscle bottom deep tissue and bone Marrow.

4:- Throughout the course of the treatment, always maintain the correct posture of physiological posture, for the correct treatment of cervical Spondylosis provides a scientific Platform.

Why Do You Buy It:- 

1:- The Built in Multiple Health Magnet.

2:- Effective for Releasing stiffness, muscles spasms and stress on neck, head and shoulders Area.

Technical Information:- 

1:- Power Supply:-  3V DC and 30MA

2:- Pulse Frequency:-  0Hz-1000Hz

3:- Material:- Plastic

4:- Size:- 23 CM * 22 CM * 7.5 CM

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