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Silicone Shoes Cover (1 Pair)

Silicone Shoes Cover (1 Pair)

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Why be Afraid to Go Out in this Rainy Season ?

About This Item:-

1:- PRODUCT:- This is waterproof shoe product made with high quality Silica gel with long Life.

2:- FIT FOR:- You can take it any place even if in a rainy day ,you can go to party ,travel, gardening, hospitals etc. It is easy to wear but not easy to fall off when you walking due to it has a good elasticity and Non-Slip.

3:-THOUGHTFUL DESIGN:- Your fashion waterproof shoe cover compact and easy to carry, lightweight fordable to take a small place.So that you can get more space to keep your Gadget.

4:-FEET STAY PERFECTLY DRY:- These adjustable, protective over shoes will keep you warm and dry. And you will not worried about the arrival of rainy days Again.

5:- The Advantages of rain shoes and rain shoe covers are perfectly combined in the product. Besides being super slip resistant, waterproof and wear resistant, it is portable and convenient for your trips as well. It’s designed for traveling, biking, motorcycling, fishing also ideal for Garden, Farm, Golf Course, Forest Etc.

Why Do You Buy It:

 1:- EASY TO CARRY AND WEAR ON & OFF:-  As integrated molding shoes cover, it's seamless and offers perfect waterproof function. The lightweight & fordable design makes it perfect stored in your backpack or handbag.not occupy space, easy to carry. Stretchy material fits all people shoes, easy to put on and remove, you can feel safe even against sudden Rain.

2:-MULTI-RESISTANCE & USE:- Whether you are cutting the grass, washing the car, walking the dog, camping, going to a festival, the beach, fishing, playing in the snow or watching local sports, you will find these portable compact shoe covers perfect to keep your shoes clean and Dry.

3:- Great waterproof and slip-resistant performance, safety, and environmental protection, durable. Shoe cover is also equipped with a particular tread mechanism for preventing sole Slipping.

4:- UNISEX:- suitable for men and women, you do not need to worry the rain will wet your beloved Shoes.

5:- BEST MATERIAL:- 100% high elastic non-toxic silicone Materials.

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