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Solar Powered Car Ventilation Fan (1 Pc.)

Solar Powered Car Ventilation Fan (1 Pc.)

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Keep Your Car Cool in This Hot Summer.....

About This Item:-

1:- Solar Powered Car Fan :-  Solar powered, environmentally friendly materials, safe and pollution-free, it can be used with confidence. Not Suitable for Tinted Windows.

2:- Detoxification :- When the sun is shining, the fan will spin quickly. It takes only 10 minutes to remove harmful gases from the Car.

3:- Health :-  Air convection is good for your health and allows you and your family to enjoy a non-toxic and harmless riding Environment.

4:- Deodorization :- Exhaust The smell of the car and keep the air inside the car Fresh.

5:- Energy Saving :- When the temperature inside the car is not high, the car will play the role of air conditioning every time you drive, with his car and new fuel Efficiency.

6:- Size :- 15 X 10 X 6 Cm


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